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Witzend  Dog  Training
Trainers Bio
  Melissa has spent over 12 years rescuing and rehabilitating dogs from shelters. This experience has shown Melissa the sad reality that most dogs are surrendered due to preventable behavior issues resulting from poor or inadequate training for both humans and dogs. Melissa then made the decision to leave her full time management career and attend Animal Behavior Collage to become a certified dog trainer to help owners and their dogs live a happy and healthy life together and to prevent more dogs from being given up due to behavior issues that can be corrected and or prevented with the proper training.
          Through Melissa’s experiences with her own dogs she is able to empathize with and empower clients who feel helpless and are at their wits end with their own dog. Melissa will give you all the tools necessary to be successfully obtain and maintain a happy and healthy relationship with your canine companion.
As a certified dog trainer Melissa Volunteers at local shelters and assists with dog training programs. Melissa has started Whitzend Dog Training to help assist humans and canines in creating a strong and healthy bond between owners and their pets using positive training mythology owners will have the proper tools to understand and address their canine companions behavior so they can stay in their forever homes.     
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