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Witzend  Dog  Training

Basic Obedience I: Basic Manners/Foundation Skills

  • This class will establish your role as a confident leader while building a strong, positive bond with your companion. A certified dog trainer will come to your home and create a detailed, personalized training plan for you and your dog. The strategy will teach you valuable leadership skills that will stay with you long after graduation! You will feel comfortable with loose leash walking, as well as important every day ​​commands such as: focus, sit, down, stay, come, wait, and leave it.

Basic Obedience II: Intermediate Manners

- For dogs 5 months and older
  • Take your training to the next level with our intermediate manners class! This class will sharpen and build on the basic cues learned in basic obedience I by focusing on the 3 D's : distance, Distractions, and Duration. Your dog should be able to follow commands regardless of the distracting environment around them. More complex commands such as place, sit / stay, and Down / stay will be introduced. Imagine a dog who sits to greet new people, who waits at the open door without bolting and can be told to "come" from a long distance and respond correctly and immediately! The skills learned in Basic Obedience II will teach your dog good manners so that you can take him anywhere with you. Other unwanted behaviors will be addressed as well, such as barking, jumping, and any other behaviors you may want to eliminate.

Day Training & Coaching:

- Available for dogs and puppies of any age
​Day Training:
  • We designed this service for the busy, working dog owners who simply don't have as much time to dedicate to training. A certified dog trainer will come to your house while you can't be there, and take your dog for a walk while working on loose leash walking, proper meet and greets of people and dogs, and training the dog to automatically sit when the handler stops walking. The trainer may also address any specific behaviors and release of energy for your dog during your absence. Moreover, the trainer will periodically meet with you and positively reinforce the skills your puppy is learning.
  • A certified dog trainer comes to your home and works with you one on one, focusing on the specific behaviors you want improved and providing the tools necessary to achieve your training goals. Great for new or inexperienced dog owners!

Reactive Canine:

- For dogs 5 months and older
  • Does your dog get stressed or anxious when another dog or human is present? Do you have a dog that barks, lunges or whines. are you unable to manage or control his behavior? Then this is the class for you! 
  • This class will provide one on one time with your trainer, bringing your dog into different situations and teaching you the proper tools to keep your dog's attention on you and to keep your dog calm. Your trainer will also give your dog the tools to make the right decisions on their own. 
  • The goal of this class is to give the handlers the proper tools to help their reactive dog cope with many challenging environments so you are able to take your dog anywhere!

Basic Manners for Puppies:

- For Puppies up to 1 year old
  • Perfect for getting your puppy started early, this basic training course is tailored to your young friend's abilities. He will learn simple commands such as sit, stay, and down and will establish proper leash walking from a young age. Your certified trainer will also provide the right tools for house training, and for stopping puppy's unwanted behaviors such as chewing on shoes, nipping at people, and running away!

Loose-Leash Walking:

- What is Loose Leash Walking?
  • Dogs naturally pull on their leash and run out in front of you because they are after great smells, other dogs, etc... It is important to train your dog to walk at your side, with the leash loose between the two of you as soon as possible because the more he does it, the harder it is to break the habit. Don't panic! Even the most stubborn dog can be taught loose leash walking with the proper training. Learning loose leash walking will make walking your dog not only safer, but a lot more enjoyable.
  • This class is specifically dedicated to teaching proper, polite leash walking for you and your companion. Over the course of 4 weeks, your dog will break the habit of pulling on his leash. Polite, stress free walks are a great way to bond with your dog on a day to day basis.

Focused Solution:

  • Usually a  one-time  class focusing on any specific unwanted behavior that you would like help to eliminate. 

Tricks 101:

  • This class is a fun way to bond with your pup while teaching them to focus on you in any situation! Your dog will learn tricks such as fetch, touch (tell your dog to touch your hand in varying positions), stand, over, under, through (through a hoop), back up, roll over, crawl, shake / high 5, play dead, beg, spin, and bow.
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